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Heavy Duty Black and Yellow Rubber Bubble Mats -Top Anti-Fatigue Matting

The Ergo Non-Slip Anti-Fatigue Mat is a versatile and exceptional workplace addition, designed to deliver superb comfort to workers. Manufactured from heavy-duty flexible rubber, it earns a 5-star comfort rating for its durability and resilience, making it an ideal choice for industrial workplaces.

The mat features bevelled yellow safety edges and a suction cup backing to enhance anti-slip properties, ensuring maximum safety in your work environment. Its domed surface texture is intentionally designed to provide optimal comfort and improve circulation, making long standing periods more bearable.

Key Features:

  • Durable anti-fatigue mat providing excellent comfort for workers
  • Manufactured from durable and flexible rubber
  • Bevelled yellow safety border on all sides
  • Suction cups underneath reduce slippage on floors
  • Improves circulation for better comfort and productivity
  • Suitable for medium to heavy-duty industrial use in dry areas
  • Overall thickness 14mm

Typical Applications

Suitable for heavy-duty industrial and manufacturing use in dry areas, this mat is built to withstand demanding conditions while promoting worker wellbeing. Typical applications include workshops, packaging areas, guard rooms, retail and warehousing areas.

Mat Sizes

The Ergo Non-Slip Anti-Fatigue Mat is available in two standard sizes of 60cm x 90cm and 90cm x 120cm. The 14mm thickness of the mat ensures improved comfort for standing workers.


  • Wet areas – Not recommended
  • Trolley wheels over the surface – Not recommended
  • Chemical resistance – Limited resistance on the top surface
Anti-Fatigue – 4/5 This mat offers Very Good anti-fatigue properties. This is measured by ASTM D3547 which records the compression and decompression of the mat. The higher the rating the better its anti fatigue qualities.

Slip Resistance – 3/5 This mat provides Good slip resistance. This is measured by ASTM C1028-89 & DIN-E-51130, 51097 which tests the force required to cause slippage of a load across the mat. The higher the rating the higher the slip resistance

Wear Resistance – 4/5 This mat offers Very Good resistance to wear. This is measured by ASTM D3844-92, which subjects the mat to 5000 cycles under an abrasive wheel. The higher the rating, the longer the life span of the mat.


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60cm x 90cm, 90cm x 120cm


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