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Non-slip Nitrile Rubber Outdoor matting Scraper Outdoor Mat

Looking for a doormat that can truly take on the outdoors? Look no further than RubberScrape! Our premium outdoor rubber scraper mat is made to scrape away dirt and stones from feet before entering the building. The Nitrile rubber compound is durable and weatherproof, ensuring a longer life span for your mat. Plus, it comes in a range of standard sizes perfect for any doorway!


  • Scraper Mat Design
  • Nitrile Rubber compound
  • Non-slip backing
  • Low profile 6mm thickness
  • Use Indoor or Outdoor
  • Resistant to crushing
  • Bevelled edges for extra safety

Wear Resistance – 5/5 The RubberScrape Outdoor Scraper Mat provides Excellent resistance to wear. This is measured by a test that simulates wear. The higher the rating the longer the life span of the mat.
Soil Resistance -5/5 The RubberScrape Outdoor Scraper Mat offers Excellent dirt and dust collection. The higher the score, the greater the weight of dust and dirt collected by the mat.
Can be used indoors or outdoors
100% Nitrile Mat – ideal for oily, greasy and wet environments
Excellent Crush Resistance
Excellent Soil Resistance
Bevelled edging reduces any trip hazard
The raised pattern of the scraper mat removes dirt and holds onto water
6mm thickness

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85cmx75cm, 90cmx150cm, 85cmx300cm, 115cmx175cm

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