Heavy Duty Interlocking Matting for Workshop and Garage


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Heavy Duty Interlocking Matting for Workshop and Garage

Our Heavy-Duty Workshop Mats are the perfect product if you need matting that is hard-wearing, oil resistant and can be extended to cover larger floor areas. Choose from either an individual 90cm x 150cm mat or the optional interlocking versions that can be joined together either along the narrow or wide edges, see the images for the guide.

Whichever version you choose, you can expect to benefit from a durable rubber mat that provides very good anti-fatigue and anti-slip properties, even in busy workshops.

Key features and benefits

  • Made from durable SBR and Nitrile rubber
  • Oil and grease resistant
  • Interlocking pieces form larger matting areas
  • Mat size of 90cm x 150cm x 12mm
  • Great anti-fatigue properties and insulates against cold floors

These modular workshop mats feature a pattern of holes, which help to scrape swarf away from shoes safely trapping it underneath the mat ready to be swept away at the end of the working day.

The mats are available in 5 styles allowing you to extend the mats in different directions.

  • A – Edged all round
  • B – Edged on 1 short and 2 long sides
  • C – Edged on 2 long sides
  • D – Edged on 2 short and 1 long sides
  • E – Edged on 2 short sideshese versions can be combined in multiple ways to cover very large floor areas, such as machine workshops and production areas.

    Size and Colour

    Each mat tile is approximately 90cm x 150cm, depending on the style chosen, and has a thickness of 12mm. They are supplied in black colour only to help hide oil and dirt from machining processes.


    The Heavy Duty Workshop Mats are made from a mix of natural SBR Rubber and Nitrile, creating a hard-wearing mat that is comfortable to stand on and resistant to oils. This makes it an ideal choice for workshop matting.


    • Wet areas – Yes
    • Trolley wheels over the surface – Yes
    • Chemical resistance – Yes
Anti-Fatigue – 2/3 This mat offers Very Good anti-fatigue properties. This is measured by ASTM D3547 which records the compression and decompression of the mat. The higher the rating the better its anti fatigue qualities.

Slip Resistance – 2/3 This mat provides Very Good slip resistance. This is measured by ASTM C1028-89 & DIN-E-51130, 51097 which tests the force required to cause slippage of a load across the mat. The higher the rating the higher the slip resistance

Wear Resistance – 3/3 This mat offers Excellent resistance to wear. This is measured by ASTM D3844-92 which subjects the mat to 5000 cycles under an abrasive wheel. The higher the rating the longer the life span of the mat.

Oil Resistant – Some mats deteriorate with oil. This mat is Oil & Grease Resistant making it suitable for all Industrial and Food production areas where this is an issue.

Wet Area Mat – This mat is suitable for Wet Environments where the spillage of water and other chemicals is an issue.




Select Size

Style "A" – 0.9m x 1.5m – Edged All Round, Style "B" – 0.9m x 1.5m – Edge 1 Short & 2 x Long Sides, Style "C" – 0.9m x 1.5m – Edge 2 Long Sides, Style "D" – 0.9m x 1.5m – Edge 2 Short & 1 Long Side, Style "E" – 0.9m x 1.5m – Edge 2 Short Sides


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