Heavy Duty Black Rubber Stable Mats


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Heavy Duty Black Rubber Stable Mats

Introducing our 6×4 Equine Rubber Stable Mats, designed to provide ultimate comfort for your horse. These affordable, easy-to-install mats come in two thicknesses and feature built-in drainage channels to keep your stable clean and dry. They’re not just practical, but also cost-effective, reducing the need for excessive bedding and saving you time and money.

Key Features:

  • Available in 12mm or 17mm thickness
  • Dimensions: 6×4 feet, 120cm x 180cm
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to install with a loose lay design
  • Can be cleaned with a pressure hose and animal disinfectant

Our 6×4 Equine Rubber Stable Mats are a game-changer for horse owners. The mats are available in two thicknesses, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your stable. The built-in drainage channels ensure a clean and dry environment, reducing slip hazards and odours. The mats are easy to install and can be cut to size using sharp cutting tools suitable for thick rubber. Cleaning is a breeze with just a pressure hose and animal disinfectant. Not only do these mats provide comfort for your horse, but they also reduce the need for excessive bedding, saving you both time and money. Suitable for other livestock as well, these mats are a versatile addition to any stable or farm.

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120cmx180cm x12mm


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