Ultra Heavy-Duty Weight Lifting Mats For Gym


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Ultra Heavy-Duty Weight Lifting Mats For Gym

Whether you have a home gym or run a professional commercial gym, our Heavy-Duty Weight Lifting Mats are the perfect robust mat that will cushion the impact of weight lifting activity. These weight lifting mats offer a great way to work out at home, whilst reducing noise and offering excellent protection for your floors.

  • Protects floors from damage
  • Ideally for the home-gym enthusiast and for professional gyms
  • Reduces impact noise
  • Improves grip on floor
  • Ultra Heavy-Duty Design and durability

When heavy weights are being lifted and dropped, floors can become damaged very quickly, so using a good quality weight lifting mat is crucial to avoid expensive repair bills.


The Heavy-Duty Gym Weight Lifting Mats are made from natural rubber, a robust material designed to withstand repeated impact from heavy weights whilst reducing the risk of slipping and absorbing noise. These weight lifting mats are made from the same compound used in matting for stables, so it is more than capable of withstanding heavy weights and equipment used in gyms.


Each Heavy-Duty Weight Lifting Mat measures 1.2m x 1.8m and is available as either 12mm or 17mm thick. They can be used as stand-alone mats or butted together to cover larger floor areas. The 17mm thick weight lifting mat will offer a higher level of protection for your floor and is ideal for lifting heavier weights.


  • 10mm Mat – 23kg
  • 17mm Mat – 36kg


Additional Information

The Weight Lifting Mats can be cleaned with a pressure hose and, if required, a mild detergent can be used. They are also reversible, giving you the choice of a ribbed or textured surface.


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120cm x 180cm x 10mm, 120cm x 180cm x 17mm

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