Solid Rubber Neoprene Strips


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Solid Rubber Neoprene Strips

Rubber door strips can be used in both commercial and residential applications to provide a strong, water resistant seal. The rubber strips are tough and flexible and the ideal product to use to seal windows, doors and skylights against water, grease and oils. These rubber strips are made up of high quality material.

  • Environment friendly
  • Dust-proof
  • Anti-allergy
  • Permanent elasticity
  • UV-resistant
  • Wear-resistant
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5m x 25mm wide, 5m x 30mm wide, 5m x 40mm wide, 5m x 50mm wide, 5m x 75mm wide, 5m x 100mm wide, 5m x 125mm wide, 5m x 150mm wide, 5m x 200mm wide, 10m x 25mm wide, 10m x 30mm wide, 10m x 40mm wide, 10m x 50mm wide, 10m x 75mm wide, 10m x 100mm wide, 10m x 125mm wide, 10m x 150mm wide, 10m x 200mm wide


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