Solid Rubber Neoprene Rubber Strips


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Solid Rubber Neoprene Rubber Strips

A seal against water, grease, and oil can be achieved with the use of nezn rubber strips. It’s ideal for sealed items. You have the option of choosing according to thickness and length. There are a number of applications on these strips. Superior quality rubber made up of weather-resistant and shrink-proof. Both UV and fuel are resistant. These strips have permanent elasticity and are the main features.

  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Super-quality
  • Non-slip
  • Shrink-proof

12mmx1.5mm, 12mmx2mm, 12mmx3mm, 12mmx4mm, 12mmx5mm, 12mmx6mm, 15mmx1.5mm, 15mmx2mm, 15mmx3mm, 15mmx4mm, 15mmx5mm, 15mmx6mm, 15mmx8mm, 15mmx10mm, 20mmx1.5mm, 20mmx2mm, 20mmx3mm, 20mmx4mm, 20mmx5mm, 20mmx6mm, 20mmx8mm, 20mmx10mm, 20mmx12mm, 25mmx1.5mm, 25mmx2mm, 25mmx3mm, 25mmx4mm, 25mmx5mm, 25mmx6mm, 25mmx8mm, 25mmx10mm, 25mmx12mm, 30mmx1.5mm, 30mmx2mm, 30mmx3mm, 30mmx4mm, 30mmx5mm, 30mmx8mm, 30mmx10mm, 30mmx12mm, 35mmx1.5mm, 35mmx2mm, 35mmx3mm, 35mmx4mm, 35mmx5mm, 35mmx6mm, 35mmx8mm, 35mmx10mm, 35mmx12mm, 50mmx1.5mm, 50mmx2mm, 50mmx3mm, 50mmx4mm, 50mmx5mm, 50mmx6mm, 50mmx8mm, 50mmx10mm, 50mmx12mm, 100mmx1.5mm, 100mmx2mm, 100mx3mm, 100mmx4mm, 100mmx5mm, 100mmx6mm, 100mmx8mm, 100mmx10mm, 100mx12mm


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