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Plastic Duckboard Matting Rolls For Wet Areas

Introducing our durable Plastic Duckboard Matting Rolls, perfect for wet floors in changing rooms, swimming pools, and other wet floor areas. Choose from Blue, Red, Green, or Grey Duckboard to boost safety while adding style.

Made of durable, non-porous PVC, these mats resist chemicals and feature an etched anti-slip surface for maximum grip. Enjoy a comfortable design that’s ideal for bare feet. The mat is also permanently treated to protect against bacterial and fungal growth.

Upgrade wet area safety with the duckboard design, raising users above standing water and promoting efficient drainage. Select our Grey Duckboard Matting for a seamless blend with your surroundings, marrying fashion and function.

Duckboard Matting Key Features:

  • Water Resistant Plastic Matting
  • Four colours, choose from red, blue, green or grey duckboard
  • Resistant to bacterial and fungal growth
  • Oil, grease & chemical resistant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Flexible design that can be easily rolled up
  • Durable and long-lasting product
  • Custom length versions are available


Our plastic Duckboard Matting is available in rolls 10m in length, and in roll widths of 60cm, 80cm or 100cm. For alternative sizes,

  • Length: Custom from 100cm up to 10 Metres
  • Widths: 60cm, 80cm, 100cm
  • Thickness: 12mm

Need something bigger? Use the optional connector pieces to join the duckboard matting rolls together along the short or long edges, allowing you to cover larger floor areas.

Slip Resistance – 4/5 This mat provides Very Good slip resistance. This is measured by ASTM C1028-89 & DIN-E-51130, 51097 which tests the force required to cause slippage of a load across the mat. The higher the rating the higher the slip resistance

Wear Resistance – 5/5 This mat offers Excellent resistance to wear. This is measured by ASTM D3844-92, which subjects the mat to 5000 cycles under an abrasive wheel. The higher the rating, the longer the life span of the mat.

Guarantee 1 Years
Materials Flexible PVC
Thickness 12mm
Roll Length 10 Metres
Width Options 60cm, 80cm, 100cm
Weight 5.80 kg/m2
Slip Resistance Medium
Anti-Microbial Treated Yes
Anti-Fungal Treated Yes
UV Resistant Yes
Outdoor Suitable Yes
Drainage Direction Two-Way

Additional information

Select Size

60cm(W) x 10m(L) Roll, 80cm(W) x 10m(L) Roll, 100cm(W) x 10m(L) Roll, 60cm x 100cm, 60cm x 200cm, 60cm x 300cm, 60cm x 400cm, 60cm x 500cm, 60cm x 600cm, 60cm x 700cm, 60cm x 800cm, 60cm x 900cm, 80cm x 100cm, 80cm x 200cm, 80cm x 300cm, 80cm x 400cm, 80cm x 500cm, 80cm x 600cm, 80cm x 700cm, 80cm x 800cm, 80cm x 900cm, 100cm x 100cm, 100cm x 200cm, 100cm x 300cm, 100cm x 400cm, 100cm x 500cm, 100cm x 600cm, 100cm x 700cm, 100cm x 800cm, 100cm x 900cm, Connector Piece – Black

Select Color

Red, Blue, Green, Grey


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