Low Profile Poolside Matting Rolls


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Low Profile Poolside Matting Rolls

Slipline Wet Floor Matting is perfect for improving safety on slippery, wet floors. Featuring a slim 6mm thickness, this mat boasts a lower profile compared to other wet area mats in our range, while maintaining an exceptionally comfortable surface for barefoot users. Its design promotes superior drainage capabilities to ensure safety and hygiene.

Crafted from lightweight yet flexible PVC material, our matting delivers a comfortable surface that adapts to uneven surfaces. Additionally, the Slipline Wet Floor Matting can be effortlessly repositioned or removed for cleaning purposes, offering both convenience and practicality.

Choose from various colours and sizes, or even custom lengths to fit any space. Furthermore, Slipline Wet Floor Matting has an anti-fungal and anti-microbial treatment that will keep feet safe and healthy, while its open grid provides certified DIN 51130:V10 drainage.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, flexible PVC is easy to move, carry or lift for cleaning.
  • Contours to uneven surfaces
  • The anti-fungal and anti-microbial treatment protects bare feet
  • Open grid provides great drainage
Slip Resistance – 4/5 SlipLine Low-Profile Poolside Matting provides Very Good slip resistance.  The higher the rating the higher the slip resistance

Wear Resistance – 3/5 SlipLine Low-Profile Poolside Matting offers Very Good resistance to wear. The higher the rating the longer the life span of the mat.


Guarantee 1 Year
Materials Flexible PVC
Thickness 6mm
Roll Length 10 Metres
Width Options 60cm, 91cm
Weight 3.70 kg/m2 (0.76 lb/sq.ft)
Slip Resistance DIN 51130: R11

DIN 51097: C

ASTM 1677: 1.0/0.8

Fire Resistance EN13501-1:2007 -Cfl -S1
Drainage DIN 51130:V10
Anti-Microbial Treated Yes
Anti-Fungal Treated Yes
Outdoor Suitable Yes (Red is not colourfast)
Drainage Direction Four-Way
Select Size

80cm (w) x 10m(L) Roll, 91cm (w) x 10m(L) Roll, 60cm x 100cm, 60cm x 200cm, 60cm x 300cm, 60cm x 400cm, 60cm x 500cm, 60cm x 600cm, 60cm x 700cm, 60cm x 800cm, 60cm x 900cm, 91cm x 100cm, 91cm x 200cm, 91cm x 300cm, 91cm x 400cm, 91cm x 500cm, 91cm x 600cm, 91cm x 700cm, 91cm x 800cm, 91cm x 900cm

Select Color

White, Black, Red, Green, Beige, Black


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